The Mysterious Journey of being a Unitarian Universalist

Services at 9:15 & 11:00a

As we welcome new members into our midst, we explore what it means to truly be a Unitarian Universalist. Several longtime UUs will share their stories together with Reverend Nica’s thoughts on the essence of Unitarian Universalism. Join us for this special celebratory service featuring our choir.

Surrendering to the Mystery

Services at 9:15 & 11:00
Mystery is an important part of our spiritual lives. There is so much we cannot and will never know in life. How do we want to interact with the mystery of the unknowable? Do we resist it or can we surrender to it? Join us to explore the mystery.

Thanks for the Memories

Memories can be sweet or bitter, and sometimes both. This goes for collective memory, those stories and recollections of a people that provide meaning for us in our culture, and it goes for the individual. Whether we think of a holiday like Thanksgiving and all its ambivalences that we had this week, or whether it’s the remembered experiences that shape us as individuals, our emotional centers bring us back, again and again, to places of joy and pain. Can we use all of them to move into a better place, a place of wholeness and healing?


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