Finding our Way in the Darkness

Services at 915 & 11:00a
“I have faith in the night” writes the poet Rilke. The darkness has gifts that are sometimes hard to perceive. Many of us are navigating challenging times in our personal lives, our community and the world. As we approach the winter solstice, the darkest time of year, we will explore how to find our way during the darkest times.

3 responses to “Finding our Way in the Darkness

  1. Seasons greetings,
    I am interested in your congregation, I currently live in Edmonds Washington and belong to Euuc but might be moving down to Agoura Hills I’m looking for Fellowship, how can I listen to some of your archived sermons?

  2. Hi Julie, seasons greetings.
    Thanks for your interest, and we’d love it if you came by. Probably the easiest way is to check our youtube channel:
    Lots of those also can be found in our service archive links, but the youtube channel has them all in one place. I hope you find something you like.

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