President’s Message October 2018

There are lots of things going on this October at CVUUF. Chalice Circles are back and will begin in the next couple of weeks, our new LGBTQ+ Teen Drop In had their first meeting just a few nights ago, and of course YRUU is getting their annual Haunted House ready.

But I really wanted to write about another topic, which is the formation of the Identity Task Force and the desire to choose a new nickname to help our congregation grow and our mission to thrive. We need a more accessible name, an easier way to talk about us and all the things we offer. A hook.

A couple of Sundays ago there were presentations after each service about the re-branding idea and the Task Force that was being put together. Several of you offered to help. At the last Board meeting we discussed the volunteer list, and then thought that those volunteers needed some more information about possible work load and responsibilities. We then wrote a letter, waited for responses, and finally picked the team. The team, which is everyone who was still interested after the informational email mentioned above, consists of Casey Dake (as Chair), Marcy Wingard, Susan Dixon, Annie Barker, Claudia Barton and Kelly Castillo.

Originally the date of October 13th was floated as a possible day for a Saturday workshop to brainstorm names and work on the process. After only a little thought, it was obvious that this date was way too early. So, for now the plan is for the Task Force to meet once or twice in the next couple of weeks, to meet with the Board on October 20th, and by that point have a plan for the months to come.

The congregational workshop is still in the picture, but later TBD some time before the new year. The date of our Mid-Year Meeting in January is still our target for final voting on a new nickname. It is important to realize that we are talking about a “nickname” only. We will still be CVUUF, we will still have our history and traditions, we will still have our mission. The whole basis for this re-branding idea is to help reach out to the broader community, and for our mission to have a wider impact.

So, stay tuned. There should be some interesting discussions, some great potential new nicknames and at the end, a democratic vote and a new day for our beloved congregation.


Tom Wolf



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  1. I would like to help with this process, but can’t be with you in person. I’m retiring the end of January and now work evening shift with uncertain days off.

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