Minister’s Message

Welcome back to the new school year and the beginning of the official church year. With that we are beginning our new News & Notes format, where every week there will be a short column from one of the leaders in our Fellowship. Watch your weekly News and Notes email for important messages from your Minister, your Board President, your Director of Religious Education and your Social Action Director, as well as a few surprise columnists along the way. We hope you will read these each week, to stay abreast of all the exciting things going on at CVUUF.

This Sunday, September 9, we will be celebrating our annual ‘Ingathering’ service, where we come back together from our summers with our annual water ritual and return to two services at 9:15 and 11. Our theme for the month is Vision, and I’m excited to kick us off with a focus on our congregational vision for the year. Over the past year, many of you have shared your hopes and dreams for the future of CVUUF. After our successful Capital Campaign this past Spring, we can begin to focus on and build this vision. I am so excited about all the spiritual, justice and community growth we are undertaking as a congregation and look forward to walking with you in this 3rd year of our joint ministry together. Join us on Sunday to hear more.

Also, if you are a parent of children in our Religious Education program, please come to a vital Parents’ Round Table this Saturday from 5 – 7 pm in Fellowship Hall. We will listen to your hopes and wishes for our RE program and share the beautiful plans we have for your children’s spiritual growth. Pizza will be served, and there will be childcare. Attention to our RE program is an integral piece of our visioning process.

I leave you with an old Japanese proverb on Vision that says… “Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.” Here’s to co-creating a joy-filled, vibrant, inspiring vision, on which we can act as a community. A vision which calls us forth to be more than we could be alone. A vision which nourishes our spiritual courage as a community and helps transform the world with justice and compassion. I look forward to sharing many of those ideas at our services throughout September and to hearing your vision and hopes for CVUUF throughout the month.

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